The Bests

61. Thomas Best and Anna Loven

59. Thomas Best

75. Thomas Best

50. (no caption)

67. Mr. Best

66. William and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Best, and family. Andrew J. and Corilla Best

According to the orphanage records, Anna was indentured to the Best family in 1894, at the age of 14. She was there for a year before moving (from 30 to 19 James Street in Green Island, NY) to an indenture with a different family. In 1900 she returned to board with the Bests.

Based solely on her appearance, the picture of Anna with Thomas may be the earliest image of her in the album. It seems likely that Thomas is the John T. Best born, according to census records, in November of 1899, which would make Anna 21 or 22 here.

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