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22. "Lu and I"

44. "Lu, Bernice and I"
Bernice Gertrude Gould

"Gathering Lillies, Lu and Eddie"
Edwin Horace Gould
(on Keyes Pond)

"The Gould Family and Winifred Collins"
Horace Emery Gould
Flora J. (Blodgett) Gould
Bernice, Edwin, Luella and Winifred

Guessing Bernice's age, photo 32 was taken in late summer or early fall, 1915. The woman holding Bernice is called "Grandma Gould" in photo 35. Although she seems a bit frail to be Flora, who was only 53 at the time, this can't be Horace's mother Arvilla Mary (Woodward) Gould, who died in 1913.