MandFilter interface



Requires LightWave 6.0 or later. The source code for MandFilter is one of the programming samples in the plug-in SDK.

Remember fractals? MandFilter is a pixel filter that lets you use LightWave to render images of the Mandelbrot set. Just apply it in an empty scene and render. Both the center and the zoom can be enveloped for animated views of the set, and because it's a pixel filter, the output is antialiased. Click in the thumbnail image to set the center, or drag out a rectangle that defines both the center and the zoom.

Mandelbrot images are graphs of the iterated function z = z2 + c, where z and c are complex numbers. The plot is drawn in the complex plane, with c set to each point's coordinates and z initially 0. The color of each pixel in the image depends on how z behaves as the function is repeatedly computed for that pixel.

MandFilter output