LightWave Plug-ins









I started writing LightWave plug-ins in late 1994, several months before version 4.0, the first release to support plug-ins and the first to run on the PC. This page, in one form or another, has been on my site since 1996, and you'll still find several plug-ins here that work with every version of LightWave back to that first one on the PC. I also included some of these as programming samples for the plug-in SDK.

Some of these are just curiosities at this point. They were originally written for versions of LightWave that are well over a decade old now, and they were compiled for platforms that are long gone. But when I refreshed this area of my site in 2015, I recompiled all of them for 64-bit Windows (using the LightWave 7.0 SDK) and tried them out in LightWave 11.6. The source code links point to the slightly modified source that I used.

I've gotten a lot of help and support over the years. My thanks to Richard Brak, Arnie Cachelin, Matt Craig, Marvin Landis, Dave Paige, Gareth Vigo Shikles, Matthew Sorrels, Michael Wolf, and Kenneth Woodruff for their advice and compiling assistance.