Anna's Siblings

46. Mary Loven, Whitehead Hall

60. Anna and John Loven

49. (blank)

68. Mathias Loven and Son Matt

16. (detail) Frank Loven

This image of Frank is taken from the framed portrait hanging on the wall in the photo of William Henry Jr.'s Christmas tree. This is the only image of him in the album, and my assumption was that he died in his twenties. In fact, Frank was killed in the explosion of a locomotive on the morning of December 29, 1903 (front page of the December 31 Port Jervis, NY Tri-States Union). He was working as the fireman on the engine.

Many of my early ideas about the picture of Anna's sister Mary were wrong. I thought at first that this was Mathias's daughter, Lettie's sister, but the hair and dress style, much more like Anna's generation, changed my mind. The caption didn't make much sense to me either—Whitehead Hall sounds like a ballroom, not a string of surnames.

Orphanage records imply that Mary married a Whited or Whitehead in 1893 in Martindale, PA, but I haven't found anything else about this. Sometime before 1915, maybe as early as 1903, she married John Hall. Their children Edith, Williamson, and Carlton, and Edith's son Ralph, are all well-represented in the album. Mary died sometime between 1925 and 1930. This is the only picture of her that I have.

John Loven married Myrtle Gilson around 1910, and they had two children, Frank and Gertrude. In 1930, the children are living with Myrtle's sister Helen (Gilson) Cherry, and I can't find John or Myrtle in the census. John served on a jury in 1929, and a couple of online family trees claim that John died in 1932. There aren't any other pictures of John in the album.

Mathias married three times and had a number of children. Sometime between 1910 and 1920, he moved from Port Jervis, NY to Vermont, where he would stay until his death in 1955. His daughters Mary and Lettie, Mary's children, and Lettie's family are all in the album.

The only sibling I know of who isn't in the album is baby sister Norma. The Internet says she married Marcus Sexton in 1904 and had four children, and that she died on Long Island, New York in 1954.

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